//for the kids SVK AVERNUS Wanna please your eyes while you please your ears? Find us on YouTube or Vimeo, and have a look at our humble music videos. Our music is available to stream or download from most places where you’d go to find music online. Check out Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon or search for us through whatever channels you may prefer! OR, you could grab the glorious vinyl version of Avernus from Doognad Records, or via our Bandcamp page. Limited edition on coloured or black 180g vinyl with a beautiful gatefold cover illustrated by the amazing Ingri Haraldsen. We currently have no upcoming shows announced. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll be the first to know when and where we’re playing next. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates.MERCHGet yourself one of these stylish SVK t-shirts through our Bandcamp merch shop.SVK was formed in 2010 by Music Technology-students at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Today, the band consists of: Amund Ulvestad (synths/cello), Håkon Nybø (bass), Kristian Mäkinen (drums) and Claus Sohn Andersen (guitar). Our music gathers elements from post-rock, progressive rock, jazz and experimental electronic music. This wide range of influences is plainly evident in our recordings. The recent EP, Rogue Waves, explores our collected interest in new music technology, experimentation and improvisation, whereas the upcoming album, Avernus, is much more carefully planned, and aims to be a continuous — almost cinematic — musical experience. Still, there is a sort of coherent method to the madness, which makes our music distinctly “SVK” however we approach the making of it. Avernus is out now on Doognad Records (vinyl, CD) and Pug Nose Records (digital). For booking contact us at tel. (+47) 402 48 351 or email Avernus by SVK